Whisper Aero: Ultra-Quiet Urban Delivery Drones

Whisper Aero has developed an ultra-quiet drone and aircraft propeller that works just as well as its louder counterparts.

Whisper Aero has developed an ultra-quiet drone and aircraft propeller that works just as well as its louder counterparts. Image Unsplash

Whisper Aero has developed an ultra-quiet drone and aircraft propeller that works just as well as its louder counterparts.

Noise pollution is all around us, at least for those of us that reside in urban areas. We are aware of it, yet it is considered inevitable. It’s just the background noise of the city, some say, but the problem is getting worse. According to the World Health Organization, average urban noise pollution has increased by 10 decibels in the last ten years.

While the levels in most cities do not normally exceed the level to cause permanent hearing loss, the sounds of a city are real and pervasive. They can have long-term effects on human health, such as sleep disruption, negative cardiovascular effects, reduced work performance and cognitive ability. 

Things won’t get better soon if some technology companies have their way. Autonomous law enforcement aircraft, delivery drones and flying taxis are actively being developed and will be deployed in urban areas.

Like it or not, the urban future will be loud.

Whisper Aero is spearheading the development of a cutting-edge drone and aircraft propulsion fan that promises to be remarkably quieter than its traditional counterparts.

Whisper Aero has ingeniously crafted an electric ducted fan that exhibits remarkable versatility, allowing it to be tailored for specific applications, whether on a larger or smaller scale. The company has designed and constructed nine versions of this exceptional propulsion system for the past two years. Through meticulous refinement, Whisper has finally arrived at a product that delivers exceptional results in noise reduction.

The Whisper Aero fan works in two ways to reduce sound; it effectively reduces the amplitude of noise, thereby reducing its loudness, while at the same time, it reshapes the tonal profile to render it more pleasing to the human ear. Whisper’s efforts have been so successful that they have achieved the extraordinary feat of shifting certain tones into the ultrasonic realm, surpassing the audible range of human hearing.

Whisper Aero says it can achieve this level of quiet without sacrificing the performance of its products. When noise suppression is traditionally applied to fans and propellors, there is either a reduction in performance or a weight penalty, both of which reduce the system’s overall efficiency and, in the case of a drone, how long it can stay aloft.

This achievement sets a new precedent for the industry, offering a glimpse of a future where propulsion systems can seamlessly merge superior performance with a quiet and healthy urban environment. The applications for this technology go far beyond aircraft and drones; Whisper Aero is also working with companies to produce quiet versions of all kinds of blowers, for example, leaf blowers for landscaping.

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The use of drones has significant potential to do good for the environment. Drones equipped with cameras and sensors can monitor wildlife populations, their behavior, and habitats without causing a disturbance. This data helps conservationists make informed decisions about protecting endangered species and their ecosystems.

Drones can survey large forested areas more efficiently, accurately, and with less pollution than traditional methods. They can monitor tree health, identify deforestation, and even conduct reforestation efforts by planting seeds in hard-to-reach areas. At the same time, they can be equipped with various sensors to monitor air and water quality, detect pollution sources, and assess environmental changes, providing real-time data for better decision-making.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. The widespread commercial use of drones was science fiction only a few years ago. Thankfully some companies, like Whisper Aero, are working to make it quieter for all of us.

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