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Congratulations! We killed Ivanka Trump’s brand! On Tuesday, the first daughter announced that she was shuttering her fashion line. In an official statement, she explained that it was because she wanted to focus on her role as an adviser in her father’s administration. But the timing of the announcement was curious: She could have ended her brand the day she took the White House position, but she chose not to. The business seemed to be floundering: One source found that online sales of Ivanka Trump products sold on Amazon, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Zappos fell nearly 55% over the last year. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly caused sales to plummet, but if you refused to purchase an Ivanka Trump product over the last few years, I’m going to suggest that you had something to do with it. [Source Photos: kirisa99/iStock, Paperkites/iStock] There are many reasons you may have scrolled past those bland Ivanka Trump A-line dresses or bedazzled heels on Amazon or walked past them at Bloomingdales. The brand was the target of a massive boycott, spearheaded by Grab Your Wallet, a movement urging people to protest the Trump family’s ethical violations by refusing to shop with retailers selling […]

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