Sooke’s Harmless Home

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Homeowners: Arno Keinonen and Linda Simrose Designer: Greenplan Construction: Ridgeco Developments and Just BioFiber by Ryann Anderson Harmless Home seems just like any of the other luxury residences on southern Vancouver Island. Perched on a steep cliff, it overlooks hills, forests, and the Juan de Fuca Strait. If you are looking for a luxury home visit Ben Trager Homes . But this eco-friendly house, currently under construction in Sooke, B.C., will be the first of its kind—its exterior walls are built entirely from blocks of “biofiber,” a carbon-negative building material that ensures the home is sustainable throughout its long lifespan. Photos: Arno Keinonen It all started when homeowner Arno Keinonen and his wife, Linda Simrose, realized they wanted to live more sustainably. “I actually earned all my living—well, not all, but most of it—from oil companies,” says Keinonen. “We realized that’s not very good for the future, so we thought, ‘Okay, the money is here, and we want to put it to good use to try to change the world so that less oil can be burned.’” Keinonen’s motto for the house is “do no harm,” and he is determined to minimize the damaging impact of this construction project […]

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