Organic Valley loans dairy farmers funds for renewable energy

Organic Valley loans dairy farmers funds for renewable energy
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With Organic Valley’s loan terms, its member farms can install solar and decrease their electric bill by the same amount as the monthly loan payment. Agriculture sustainability improvements have long-term positive outcomes both for the planet and the farmer’s wallet, but the upstart costs can be a preventative obstacle. Some big food companies trying to address their Scope 3 emissions have started working to knock down those barriers for farmers. In 2018, the Land O’Lakes Sustain program, now part of Truterra , provided loans for the cooperative’s farmers to adopt sustainable methods such as water-reuse systems and manure separation technology. Last year, Danone announced a partnership with rePlant Capital that would donate up to 40 percent of its $50 million impact fund to Danone’s farming partners, with the goal of supporting the conversion to regenerative or organic farming methods. RePlant’s first loan in January 2020 went to a Kansas family farm to install moisture probes to reduce water usage. Organic Valley, the primarily dairy organic farmer-owned co-op, is the latest to join this burgeoning trend. Organic Valley’s farmers already practice many regenerative practices such as rotational grazing. The new loan fund made in collaboration with Clean Energy Credit Union […]

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