New York’s $18M Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges Program

New York invests $18M in Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenge program.
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New York invests $18M in Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenge program. Image Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York from United States of America, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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New York invests $18M in Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenge program.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has announced $18 million in new funding to support developing and demonstrating advanced technologies for energy-efficient buildings. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will administer the funding through the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program.

The announcement comes as part of New York’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from new and existing buildings across the state. Buildings account for over 60% of New York’s electricity demand and around one-third of the state’s total emissions. Improving building energy performance through advanced technologies is a key priority in New York’s push toward a carbon-neutral future.

Cutting-Edge Building Technologies to Receive Funding

The $18 million investment in the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program will be awarded on a competitive basis to projects showcasing innovative approaches for dramatically reducing energy usage and emissions from buildings. Technologies eligible for funding include:

  • Ground source and air source heat pumps using geothermal heating and cooling
  • Next-generation high-efficiency windows and smart glass
  • Advanced insulation materials and techniques
  • Technologies for improved air sealing and ventilation
  • Sensors, controls, and platforms to integrate and optimize building systems
  • Renewable heating technologies such as solar thermal, biogas, and biomass systems

By supporting real-world demonstration of these technologies, the funding aims to drive down costs and accelerate their widespread adoption across New York’s construction sector.

Complementing New York’s Broader Goals for Sustainable Buildings

The Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program forms part of New York’s comprehensive strategy to make buildings cleaner and more energy efficient. Other initiatives include new appliance efficiency standards, the Clean Heat NY program to phase out heating oil, and stringent emissions limits for new construction.

The $18 million investment will complement these policies by catalyzing the development of technologies that can help existing buildings surpass minimum standards and achieve unprecedented levels of sustainability.

Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity

Besides slashing emissions, the funding is expected to create new clean energy jobs and economic development across New York. Fostering the growth of the state’s green technology sector is a key objective.

Companies commercializing innovative building technologies will be drawn to New York by the new funding opportunities. Construction firms can also benefit from the demand for advanced energy-efficient retrofits.

Ultimately, investments in technologies that reduce operating costs can benefit building owners financially while providing healthier, more comfortable spaces for occupants.

Leveraging the Clean Energy Fund

The $18 million the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program will be allocated from New York’s 10-year, $6.2 billion Clean Energy Fund. Established in 2016, the fund leverages ratepayer contributions to accelerate clean energy innovation across renewable power, building efficiency, transportation, and other priority areas.

The Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program is one of several Clean Energy Fund initiatives targeting emissions from New York’s buildings. Other programs include Clean Heat NY, which provides transition funding to replace fossil fuel heating systems, and Solarize NY, which expands community access to solar power.

By pooling funding streams into coordinated programs like these, New York aims to maximize the impact of its investments in sustainable, low-carbon infrastructure.

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Application Process Opening in Summer 2023

NYSERDA will issue competitive solicitations for the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges program funding beginning in the summer of 2023. Full proposals will be due by September 15, 2023.

The solicitation is open to public entities, private companies, non-profits, and academic institutions proposing projects based in New York State. Projects should demonstrate how they will enhance energy performance or reduce emissions from new or existing buildings using highly innovative technologies or techniques.

NYSERDA will evaluate submissions based on energy savings potential, commercial viability, collaboration with industry partners, and other criteria. The authority expects to announce winning proposals for funding by early 2024.

Ambitious Targets for Building Emissions

The new investment in cutting-edge technologies comes as New York pursues ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its building stock.

Under the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed in 2019, New York is mandated to slash building sector emissions by 40% by 2030 and eliminate fossil fuel use from buildings by 2050. Achieving these goals will require a transformative change in how New York’s 2.5 million buildings are constructed, renovated, and operated.

By demonstrating the real-world viability of the latest energy efficiency and renewable heating technologies, the Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges aims to set New York’s building sector on the pathway towards its mandated mid-century zero-emissions target.


New York’s $18 million initiative represents the state’s commitment to spearheading innovation in sustainable building technologies. By supporting collaborative demonstration of the latest high-performance designs and retrofits, New York can drive down costs and accelerate market uptake of solutions that drastically reduce emissions from the built environment.

Along with other policies like efficiency standards and the Clean Heat NY transition fund, investments in next-generation technologies will be critical for meeting New York’s ambitious climate goals while creating new economic opportunities. The Next Generation Buildings Innovation Challenges will help ensure New York remains a leader in climate-friendly, cost-effective construction for decades to come.

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