Motionless Wind Generation: A Quiet Alternative to Wind Turbines

An Aeromine motionless wind generator on a commercial rooftop. Image: Aeromine Technologies
Reading Time: 3 minutes

An Aeromine motionless wind generator on a commercial rooftop. Image: Aeromine Technologies

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Motionless Wind Generation: A Quiet Alternative to Wind Turbines

Traditional wind turbines make clean energy but come with several disadvantages. If you have ever stood near one, you understand the issues of noise pollution, danger to wildlife, and their incredibly large size. To address these issues, clean tech startup Aeromine Technologies has developed what they call a motionless wind turbine to quietly harness wind energy.

Why install Rooftop Wind Generators?

Instead of relying on a centralized grid, an option gaining popularity is a combination of distributed energy resources (DERs) that can be placed on rooftops of residential and commercial structures. These DERs generate small amounts of energy, which can either power the buildings or contribute to the grid. The main type of rooftop DER is solar energy, which is efficient at turning sunlight into electricity during daylight hours and can be easily installed.

Rooftop wind energy is also promising because it can generate power even after dark, provided the wind blows. However, traditional wind turbines with blades that spin horizontally cannot be made large enough to generate sufficient energy and fit on most rooftops. Various vertical wind turbine designs have been developed to address this issue with blades that spin about a vertical axis to generate electricity. 

The combination of solar, wind and energy storage provides the best of all worlds, especially for a business energy consumer; solar during the high-demand times of day, augmented with a motionless wind generator that generates power all night, topping up batteries that provide peak power loads above what the system generates on average. Any excess can then be sold back to the grid at peak rates to decrease the system’s payback time.

How does a Motionless Wind Turbine Work?

A motionless wind generator harnesses wind power by eliminating traditional wind turbine blades and utilizing vertically mounted airfoils or wings instead. When the wind flows past the wings, a low-pressure area is created between them. A specially shaped tower between the airfoils feeds the suction created by this low pressure past a small turbine located at the unit’s base, generating electricity as it spins. The significant advantage of this technology is that there are no large spinning or moving parts besides the small turbine at the base.

Advantages of Motionless Wind Turbines

A motionless wind turbine offers several advantages over traditional wind turbines:

  1. Noise pollution reduction: Traditional wind turbines are known for their noise pollution. However, Aeromine Technologies’ motionless wind turbine eliminates this problem since it has only a few small moving parts.
  2. Wildlife protection: Traditional wind turbines can be dangerous to birds and other wildlife due to their spinning blades. The motionless wind turbine is entirely safe for wildlife.
  3. Efficient use of space: Aeromine Technologies’ motionless wind turbine takes up less space than traditional wind turbines, making them a perfect fit for urban areas where space is limited.
  4. Low maintenance: Since the motionless wind turbine has smaller moving parts, it requires very little maintenance. This is a significant advantage over traditional wind turbines, which require frequent maintenance, often at great heights and in far-off locations making the process dangerous and costly.


Aeromine Technologies’ innovative motionless wind turbine is a game-changer in the renewable energy industry. Its potential to reduce noise pollution, protect wildlife, and provide efficient use of space could pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. The technology behind motionless wind turbines is still in its early stages, but the potential for this type of wind turbine to become a leading renewable energy source is promising. As renewable energy continues to gain momentum, Aeromine Technologies’ motionless wind turbine could play a significant role in shaping the future of sustainable energy.

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