I believe:
  • Most people want to do good in the world.
  • In order to make positive change for the environment, people must be open and engaged to the news, not shut off from or desensitized to it.
  • In order to be engaged they must have hope.
  • In order to have hope people must have reason for hope; the news must be good sometimes.
  • In order to learn, stay informed and most importantly, take action, the people must want to hear the message.
  • In order to truly want to protect our environment, people must spend time in it and gain appreciation for it. It is impossible to love that which you do not understand, or have not yet experienced.
  • Many people will not attempt to find nature on their own; they are too busy in their existing habits and demands of the modern world.

While it may be true that many people will not find nature on their own, they may be influenced by those who they care for – their children and grandchildren.

Therefore protection of the environment lies with the children of today. These kids need to spend time in nature. They need encouragement to undertake the monumental effort required to fix the problems created by previous generations.

I know this to be true:

  • Society must make a large shift in terms of what we value if we want to survive as a species.
  • This large shift will occur from small, day-to-day actions by every day people who vote with their dollars and vote at political elections.
  • Giving and doing good feels good. People like to feel good.
  • People who are overwhelmed with bad news often “tune out” and therefore do not take the needed action.
  • People need to hear the bad stuff to be aware, but they also need to hear the good stuff in equal measure – maybe even more.
  • I won’t reach every person, but every person likes good news.
    I want to:

  • Give the people reason for hope.
  • Inspire people to make the small changes that add up to large societal shifts.
  • Encourage young adults to take bigger action and make positive change.
  • Encourage young adults to vote – both at the ballot box on election day and with their money each and every day.
  • Help children to experience and understand local wild areas so that they too can someday want to protect it.
  • Support unbiased, independent journalism.