How Can You Improve Your Fuel Efficiency? 

bradley dunn t0Muum lbWM unsplash How Can You Improve Your Fuel Efficiency? 

How can you improve your fuel efficiency? Image Unsplash.

Growing tired of feeling like you’re always filling your car up? Regular trips to the petrol station can consume time we don’t have and drain our finances quickly, which can weigh heavily on much of the UK given the cost of living crisis we’re currently in. This means you may be looking for ways to save on your fuel. 

Unfortunately, fuel prices remain high, with the averages set at 144.64p for petrol and 153.76p for diesel, and while you can’t control these costs, you can control how often you fill up your car. This is by making better decisions when you drive to improve your fuel efficiency, so you get more out of your fuel and can have peace of mind that you’re an eco-conscious driver, too, as an added incentive. 

Becoming a more fuel-efficient driver can be done via a few small tweaks to your everyday driving patterns, and other larger changes can be made too. This means that whatever budget you’re working with, there should be a fuel-efficient change that you can make. 

The following article will highlight the various changes you can make to improve your fuel efficiency and how it will help. Read on to learn more.

Ensure tyres are properly inflated

Did you know that underinflated tyres can make your car much less efficient? This is because the flatter your tyres are, the more in contact with the road they are, so your car has to work even harder to move the tyres forward, which will reduce the amount of gas in your car rapidly. 

You can check if your tyres are under-inflated by visiting a petrol station with an air refill station. These tend to be cheap to use, so fit into most budgets.

Keep up with services 

Every car should have a recommended service time and this tends to be every year or 12,000 miles. Booking your car into a garage for an interim service means professionals take a look at things like oil changes, air filter replacements and other tasks that are performed to ensure the engine works efficiently. A better-running engine will consume less gas to power it, which should result in good fuel economy levels.

Plan your trips 

Whenever you travel, it’s important to take time to plan your trip wisely. This could be to work or when you go on a road trip as choosing the shortest route means your car will be using less fuel to get there. 

You may also try carpooling whenever you travel somewhere with a friend. This means you’ll both use less fuel overall with just one car on the road instead of two and you can split the petrol costs too. 

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