Hawaii sets goal to go zero-emissions by 2045

And one more State with an aim to use 100% renewable sources in the future. I hope that it will be more and more!

Image: Shutterstock Hawaii has set an ambitious climate goal to become a zero-emissions clean economy by 2045. The 50th US state expects to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by this date and Governor David Ige has signed three bills in an effort to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions . The bills established a greenhouse gas reduction task force to help select suitable programmes and policies, as well as created a structure for a carbon offset programme, which aims to plant trees and restore natural habitats. The governor said: “It really takes the next step. This measure really ups the ante and commits to a carbon neutral community here on the islands. “I think, collectively, these three bills I’ll be signing today continues and keeps Hawaii at the forefront in the battle in climate change and sea level rise.”

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