Tips for Driving in a More Environmentally Friendly Way

Tips for Driving in a More Environmentally Friendly Way
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tips for Driving in a More Environmentally Friendly Way. Image Unsplash

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many might think that driving a car is bad for the environment full stop. And whilst they might be one of the biggest polluters on the planet, it turns out that there are ways in which we can drive that reduce gas emissions and ensure complete safety on the road. 

From regular check-ups to your choice of car and the way in which you drive your car itself, all of these things can affect the amount of emissions you release into the atmosphere. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint on the road, here’s how. 

Go green

The reason cars play such a significant role in emissions worldwide is that they burn fuel and, in doing so, release harmful gasses. So, to drive your car in a more environmentally friendly way, it might be worth thinking about opting for a different car altogether.

Electric vehicles are proven to drastically reduce emissions. Whether they’re hybrid models or completely electric, they are designed with fuel efficiency built in. With battery, plug-in and hybrid electric vehicles growing more and more popular each day, they are providing customers with a sustainable alternative.

Drive responsibly

Sometimes, driving sustainably doesn’t mean something as drastic as changing your car altogether. If you don’t want to swap your car for an electric model, try and be more mindful when you’re driving. Most importantly, pay close attention to your speed.

Reducing your speed not only keeps you and other road users safe, but it also reduces the amount of fuel you consume, and therefore the volume of fumes you’re producing. In order to reduce your fuel consumption even further, plan your routes and avoid wasting fuel on going down the wrong roads. Route planner apps also show you the most efficient route that saves time and emissions.

Check your tyres

Did you know that an underinflated tyre can cause your car to consume more fuel? It might not be noticeable, but your tyres play a crucial role in the overall efficiency of your car. If your tyres are underinflated, it can add to your vehicle’s drag, forcing it to work harder and consume more fuel. 

To ensure your tyres are not only properly inflated but also looking their best, visit JennyChem and consider learning how to properly apply tyre shine on a car.

Check your tyre pressure by using the pressure gauges at petrol stations and keep your tyres inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. You might even need to buy some new tyres if their tread is too low. If you can’t make it to a garage, you can always buy tyres online from the comfort of your own home.

Drive less

It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but driving less does indeed reduce your carbon footprint! Instead of hopping in your car every time you want to go somewhere, check the trains and the buses. 

An added bonus of going by public transport is that you don’t have to worry about parking!

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