Curious Timing! New Offshore Renewable Energy Research = $22 Million +20 Million

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With the US oil and gas industry in a state of collapse, now would be a good time for the nation to invest in energy infrastructure that has real staying power — not just concrete infrastructure but intellectual capital as well. That seems to be what’s brewing in the minds of the Department of Energy. It has just launched a new $22 million renewable energy R&D initiative aimed specifically at building up the nation’s stockpile of expertise in the marine area. That’s just for starters, because another $20 million is already in the mix. Renewable energy (offshore wind) strategy report (cropped, US DOE) Sure seems like someone is prepping to pivot the nation’s energy workforce toward sustainable fuels, and fast. That’s something to keep in mind as top oil and gas execs go meet with the current occupant of the Oval Office this week, hats in hands. $22 Million (More) For US Offshore Renewable Energy Research To be clear, federal plans for developing US marine energy were brewing all through the boom times enjoyed by the oil and gas industry. Things in that area ramped up considerably during the Obama administration, including the startup of a wind turbine R&D […]

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