Cotton Might Not Be King for Long, Hemp is Making a Comeback in Levi’s Jeans – Updated

Hemp has recently obtained legal status for cultivation in the United States after nearly a century of prohibition. Levi’s, aiming to restore this versatile plant’s remarkable reputation, seamlessly incorporates it into their iconic denim products. With its remarkable attributes, hemp stands as one of the most robust plants globally, yielding double the fiber compared to cotton while demanding significantly less water and fewer pesticides. Furthermore, it even contributes to soil enrichment.

Unfortunately, due to its unfortunate association with marijuana, hemp has remained banned for more than 80 years in the United States. However, a positive turn of events occurred when Congress passed The Hemp Farming Act within the farm bill in December, offering American apparel manufacturers a local and cost-effective source of hemp fiber.

In a stride towards enhanced sustainability, Levi Strauss will introduce jeans crafted from a blend of 30% hemp and 70% cotton. Although a fully hemp-based garment would be ideal, this marks a commendable beginning. The company initially harbored concerns about consumer receptivity, considering that people have grown accustomed to the texture of cotton. Hemp can possess a slightly coarse or rigid feel akin to linen. To tackle this, Levi’s has ingeniously developed a method to imbue hemp with a cotton-like sensation, ensuring a comfortable experience for wearers.

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