China Building World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm — 43.3 Gigawatts – Updated

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China Announces Plan for 43.3 Gigawatt Offshore Wind Mega-Project

China has unveiled plans to construct the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Taiwan Strait between Fujian and Guangdong provinces. With an enormous projected capacity of 43.3 gigawatts, the project would eclipse the current largest offshore wind farm, the UK’s Hornsea 2 (1.3 GW), by a massive margin.

The new wind mega-project exemplifies China’s drive to keep accelerating renewable energy growth even after becoming the global wind power leader. Once completed, the massive array of turbines will make significant inroads in China’s quest to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

Ideal Conditions for Record-Breaking Scale

The Taiwan Strait provides ideal conditions for gargantuan offshore wind development. Strong and steady wind flows will enable the project’s turbines to potentially operate between 43-49% of the time at full capacity. This high capacity factor maximizes power generation compared to onshore wind farms, typically running around 35% of the time.

The relatively shallow sea floor near the coast also facilitates building foundations and infrastructure to support enormous wind arrays. While complex underwater cabling and connections will require advanced marine engineering, the Strait’s favorable attributes make the 43.3 GW goal technically feasible.

Powering Millions of Chinese Homes

The scale of the planned wind farm is difficult to overstate. At full capacity, it could produce 55.6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually – enough to continuously power 13 million Chinese households. For context, the world’s current largest operational offshore wind farm, the UK’s Hornsea 1 (1.2 GW) can provide electricity for just over 1 million homes.

Power from the Taiwan Strait project could also meet the yearly lighting needs of 4.3 billion LED bulbs. The mammoth development exemplifies how China is thinking big in scaling up emissions-free energy generation.

Cementing China’s Renewables Dominance

China already hosts 40% of the world’s offshore wind capacity, but the Taiwan Strait project would cement its leadership in the industry. Just the first two phases planned by 2030 – totaling around 15 GW – would already surpass the entire 12.9 GW global offshore market outside China.

With generous state support, firms like Shanghai Electric have driven rapid advances in offshore wind technology. This enables China to pursue increasingly ambitious projects while also expanding its competitive global supply of turbines and technical expertise. The Taiwan Strait farm will spur further progress down the experience curve.

Delivering on Climate and Air Quality Goals

Generating enormous wind volumes will directly support multiple policy priorities for China. Expanding renewables is central to China’s pledge to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

The project will provide clean electricity displacing coal and thus reducing harmful air pollution. Guangdong and Fujian are manufacturing hubs with high energy demands, so coastal wind can mitigate their emissions.

Offshore wind growth will further augment China’s already commanding lead in total wind power capacity. As the world’s largest carbon emitter, this buildout sends an important signal of intent to decarbonize rapidly.


The scale of China’s planned 43.3 gigawatt offshore wind farm is currently unmatched anywhere on the planet. The mega-project, set to be built in phases in the Taiwan Strait, will leverage ideal wind conditions to deliver immense amounts of clean electricity. It represents both China’s ability to undertake monumental endeavors in renewable energy as well as its drive to aggressively phase out fossil fuel usage. As climate change accelerates globally, China’s brand of vision and vigor in green power development may well be what the world desperately needs.

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