Biological Concrete That Grows Moss and Provides Insulation while Absorbing CO2

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The advanced technologies have revolutionized the human lifestyle by considerable levels. It is now possible to develop buildings supporting the natural growth of vegetation without even risking structural integrity. Moss covered walls look beautiful, but from the past several years, they were a matter of worry due to the slow destruction they cause to the structure with time. However, this problem is now solved forever. The researchers at Structural Technology Group, Barcelona, recently announced the successful development of a new material that supports natural and accelerated growth of potential pigmented organisms. This biological concrete material is designed for the building facades as well as other building developments in the Mediterranean climates. It promises several thermal, environmental, and aesthetic advantages over traditional structural solutions. This concrete allows the growth of a few specific types of vegetation that can also provide insulation to the building. The essential feature of this concrete is its ability to produce natural biological support to the growth of a few specific biological organisms, especially mosses, lichens, fungi, and microalgae. It can cover the entire building with vegetation that keeps on changing color in different seasons throughout the year. People find it an aesthetically pleasing solution for […]

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