3D Printed Home from Recycled Plastic

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3D Printed Home from Recycled Plastic

Using recycled plastic is a big step towards building an environmentally friendly home. It’s also a good move for your wallet. It’s estimated that a 3D-printed home costs 20-30 percent less than the standard building materials.

The company behind Azure Printed Homes claims to be the first to 3D print a fully functional home from recycled plastic. The company claims to print entire modules in one day and a roof and floor in less than a day.

The company also claims its technology is 70% faster than conventional home construction methods. The company recently opened a 15,000 square-foot factory in California. They plan on using this space to build full-sized homes and backyard studios.

The company also claims that its process is better for the environment. Instead of using concrete, the company uses a waterproof plastic polymer. The polymer is derived from recycled bottles and food packaging. The company claims to be able to use recycled plastic in about 60% of its printing material and is the first to repurpose plastic waste as a building material.

The company has a 3D configurator which allows consumers to visualize a home creation before pressing print.

Azure Printed Homes has a big backlog of orders. In addition to producing ADUs, it’s also slated to start building full-sized homes in 2024.

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