3 Tech Tips for Eco-Friendly Businesses

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3 Tech Tips for Eco-Friendly Businesses

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When we talk about climate change and how to curb its effects, the focus is often on household and manufacturing industries. We always discuss reducing energy bills, switching fuel, using recyclable and sustainable products, and protecting green spaces. But what about businesses? Like typical households and industries, don’t they contribute to climate change?

All businesses contribute to climate change. And if we are going to curb its effects, or at least make an effort, businesses must learn how to implement eco-friendly business practices. We have highlighted a few below.

  1.   Ditch paper use and embrace digital docs

Paper alone accounts for 40% of all waste in the US. That sums up to about 71.6 million tons annually. That is a lot of pollution from a seemingly harmless material like paper!

To curb paper use in workplaces and its effects on the environment, businesses should kiss papers goodbye and embrace a paper-free alternative. One such alternative is CRM systems for sales, admin, orders, and data storage.

Businesses can also consider virtual sign-off and fillable PDF forms. To make things easy, we recommend learning hacks like signing pdf, rotating pages, password protection, etc. There are also hacks on how to save only one page of a pdf. These tips will help you save time while ensuring that digital files are protected and shared easily. 

  1.   Meet online

Of course, one of the most common culprits of climate change and global warming is fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is used in automobiles, and they release the following byproducts.

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Lead
  • Particulate matter

Carbon dioxide, a common byproduct of fossil fuel, as we are already aware, is harmful to the environment. Thus, its crucial businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing how often they commute or travel to meetings. They can do this by scheduling work-at-home days or conducting meetings via video calls rather than physically.

Taking these steps as a business owner will help reduce climate change and save your business money in fuel, vehicle expenses, and commuting costs. 

  1.     Switch off

Even small actions like switching off the heating system when not in use can reduce your carbon footprint, thus improving efficiency. So switching off those light bulbs, computers, and heating after office hours, even for a short time, is something that can be easily done and can eventually help lessen power plant emissions. 

Other little actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint are boiling the water you need when making a cup of tea for the office, rather than boiling a kettle full of water and failing to use all, thus using unnecessary energy. Also, don’t always ensure that you use a reusable cup in the office instead of the non-environmental friendly one-use cups.


You can play your part as a business owner by adopting tips that help reduce carbon emissions and climate change. Even as you implement these tips in the workplace, ensure you enlighten your employees on the importance of reducing global warming, so they carry the practices to their respective homes.


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