NetBit Electronics, the only major power supply company with an exclusive focus on customer premises equipment (CPE), has developed a power supply unit using 90% PCR plastic case material which is fully safety compliant. This innovation translates into a 10:1 reduction in the use of virgin plastic! 

What is PCR? 

 ‘Post Consumer Recycled Materials’ (PCR) are created from reprocessed plastics that have been used, recycled, and repurposed from household or commercial waste.  

The use of Post-Consumer Recycled Materials reduces the use of virgin plastic by 90%. Image courtesy of NetBit.

What Has NetBit Done to Decrease The Use of Virgin Plastic? 

NetBit is using PCR materials to radically reduce the use of virgin plastics and cut down carbon footprint. Having initially set a target of 50% for PCR content, we have now been able to successfully validate and produce power supply cases using 90% PCR plastic that is fully safety compliant and meets all of the cosmetic and structural integrity expectations of our top tier customers including vertical drop and ball impact robustness.  


To find out more about how we are using PCR materials and our eco-efforts contact: or visit our dedicated web page here.    


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