South Africa has an estimated 1,000 electric vehicles on the road and will soon be seeing more models available beyond the current BMW, Nissan and Jaguar. By adding charging stations to those already available around the country, South African company evCrowdRoute want to make having an electric vehicle as easy as having a petrol car. “Over the next 10 years evCrowdRoute plans to install an EV charger in every town in South Africa to eradicate range anxiety and encourage the discovery of our beautiful country,” they said on their website. The company have already installed two EV chargers at Heilbron and Clarens in the Free State. Through a new partnership with GridCars, these stations are now usable in combination with the already 22 established charging stations as part of the “Jaquar Powerway”. “We are aspiring to put a charger in every town of SA and eliminate range anxiety. We want to help EV owners rediscover the most scenic routes this country has to offer,” Shaun Maidment, CEO of evCrowdRoute told ITWeb. “Charging station locations are indicated on charging infrastructure mapping Web site PlugShare , in addition to the GridCars maps, which provide a handy map of all existing chargers […]


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