Xavier Rudd 2023 Environmental Music Prize Winner

Xavier Rudd wins the 2023 Environmental Music Prize.
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Xavier Rudd wins the 2023 Environmental Music Prize. Image: Environmental Music Prize

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Xavier Rudd wins the 2023 Environmental Music Prize for Inspiring Action and Conservation

Music has the power to inspire, move, and bring people together. 2023 Environmental Music Prize Winner Xavier Rudd, shows it can benefit the environment too. In recognition of artists who use their voices to advocate for climate and conservation, the $20,000 impact-focused 2023 Environmental Music Prize was established. This prestigious award amplifies the voices of musicians who inspire action for our planet and supports the environmental movement by engaging diverse audiences through music.

Xavier Rudd’s “STONEY CREEK” Takes the Prize

Among the talented pool of artists competing for the 2023 Environmental Music Prize, Xavier Rudd emerged as the winner with his captivating ode-to-nature, “Stoney Creek.” Xavier, known for his deep connection to the natural world, generously decided to donate the prize money to environmental organizations, furthering the impact of his music beyond the realm of melodies and lyrics.

Xavier Rudd, Environmentalist

For Xavier Rudd, the land, sea, and the magnificent plants and animals that inhabit them have always been the driving force behind his music. From his early days as a budding songwriter to his current success, nature has been a constant muse. Xavier wrote “Stoney Creek” while sailing up to Cape York with his wife. It was in the embrace of melaleuca trees that he contemplated life and the state of our world. The forced lockdowns across the globe allowed him to witness nature’s resilience as ecosystems rejuvenated, prompting him to ponder the vital question, “Without nature, without our natural resources, how do we survive?”

“What an honour to be named winner of the Environmental Music Prize.” Said Rudd. “The land and sea and all its magnificent plants and animals have been the biggest inspiration for my music by far since I began writing songs when I was a kid and, so as far as music awards go, this one feels perfect. Thanks to all of you who voted for me and to all of the other artists nominated. Big love.”

Xavier Rudd has indicated he will the donate proceeds from his win to various environmental organizations so that the positive impact and benefits will go further.

2023 Environmental Music Prize

The 2023 Environmental Music Prize goes beyond honoring a single winner. Its mission is to recognize and build a community of talented artists who share a common goal of inspiring action for climate and conservation. The finalist music videos, carefully selected by environmental leaders, music ambassadors, and impact partners, showcased a diverse group of Australian artists representing various music styles. From iconic figures like Midnight Oil and Flume to emerging talents such as MO’JU, Ziggy Alberts, and Tash Sultana, these musicians used their artistry to connect people with nature and highlight environmental issues.

The 2023 Environmental Music Prize engaged over 15,000 music and nature enthusiasts from 59 countries, allowing them to vote for the songs and videos that resonated most deeply with them. This global participation reflects the universal appeal of music’s ability to touch hearts and inspire change. It also serves as a reminder that environmental challenges know no borders and require collective action.

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It’s About People as well as Planet

Founder Edwina Floch encourages everyone to explore the songs and stories of the 2023 Environmental Music Prize on their the awards website. Each artist brings a unique perspective and approach to their music, inspiring listeners to reflect on their relationship with nature and the urgent need for conservation. By sharing these songs and stories with others, we can collectively amplify the call for environmental action and spread awareness of the artists who use their talents to advocate for our planet.

“Xavier’s moving and deeply personal music reminds us that nature brings life, beauty and meaning to all of us. I’m delighted he has been acknowledged for his ability to bring us together and make us reflect. For decades he has used his voice, both on and off stage, to shine light on various environmental issues, supporting the work of countless groups and organisations along the way.” Said Founder Edwina Floch.

“The 2023 Environmental Music Prize is not just about one winner. We aim to recognise and build a community of talented artists who want to inspire action for climate and conservation. There are many truly wonderful songs, and over the last two years we’ve curated an incredible selection, each with their own unique approach and perspective. We encourage everyone to discover the songs and stories on our website and to share them with others.”

Plans are already in place for the 2024 Environmental Music Prize. People who would like to donate to the prize and support the cause and the artists they promote, can do so via the crowdfunding campaign under way.

Xavier Rudd’s victory as the 2023 Environmental Music Prize winner serves as a testament to the power of music in mobilizing action for climate and conservation. His personal connection to nature and dedication to raising awareness about environmental issues make him a perfect amabasador for the environmental music movement. As we celebrate Xavier and other talented artists recognized by the prize, it’s important to remember music and environmental advocacy go hand in hand. Inspired, we can build a better future for our planet together.

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