Since When Did Building a 4,100 Mile-Long Road Seem Like Great Sustainability News?

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At 4,101 miles-long, the Western Australia EV Network will soon be the longest electric vehicle highway in the world. Great news for sustainability and currently under construction, the project promises to alleviate range anxiety and support local economies.

In the latest sustainability news, construction has begun on the world’s longest electric vehicle (EV) highway in Kalbarri, Western Australia. The casual observer may only notice concrete pads and temporary fencing, but this marks the start of an ambitious project that will connect Kunnanurra in the north to Esperance in the south. The highway has been named the Western Australia EV Network, and it is expected to transform the driving experience for EV owners across the region.

Following an eastern extension to Eucla and the addition of 43 new chargers, the highway now boasts a total of 98 chargers at 49 locations. This expansion has doubled the network’s length from the previously reported 3,205 kilometres (1,991 miles) to an impressive 6,600 kilometres (4,101 miles). With chargers placed every 200 kilometres or less, the project aims to eliminate so-called ‘range anxiety’ for EV drivers and provide ample opportunities for them to patronize businesses in regional towns.

JET Charge, the awarded provider for the Western Australia EV Highway project, is responsible for supplying the infrastructure and support. Mark Jeisman, Business Development Manager WA at JET Charge, shared that the project is being coordinated by his team at the JET Charge Perth office. Synergy and Horizon Power, on behalf of the Western Australia State Government, are the project owners, while local partners are tasked with handling the physical installation

JET Charge is providing Kempower and Tritium DC Chargers, in addition to Australian-made ChargeMate AC Chargers. The project also incorporates credit card facilities utilizing JET Charge’s PayMate Ultra technology. Furthermore, Chargefox has been chosen as the project’s charge point operator (CPO), while Synergy and Horizon Power manage and oversee the project.

Installation is already underway, with local companies taking charge of the work in Kalbarri, Northhampton, and Geraldton. Currently, it is estimated that over 3,000 EVs are on the roads in Western Australia, and this figure was expected to double by the end of this year. As the Western Australia EV Network progresses, EV drivers will no longer need to rely on a patchwork system of destination chargers, caravan park charging stations, and the occasional high-speed charger.

Removing obstacles to greater take-up of electric vehicles is great sustainability news.

The Western Australia EV Network is a significant development in sustainability news, as it paves the way for more extensive EV adoption and usage in the region. This project not only demonstrates the potential for large-scale EV infrastructure projects but also highlights the importance of collaboration between government agencies, local businesses, and technology providers. As the network continues to expand and evolve, it is likely to serve as a model for other countries and regions looking to invest in sustainable transportation infrastructure.

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