WOHA creates green community for senior citizens with Kampung Admiralty in Singapore

Housing, health facilities and social spaces are all contained within this plant-covered Singapore building by WOHA , which was named World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival . Singapore-based WOHA designed the mixed-use Kampung Admiralty building according to a "club sandwich" philosophy, with different functions layered on top of each other to create what the architects described as a "vertical village". This is topped by a roofscape of staggered terraces covered in local plants, which functions as a community park. "Kampung Admiralty is Singapore’s first integrated public development that brings together a mix of public facilities and services under one roof," explained the architects. "The traditional approach is for each government agency to carve out their own plot of land, resulting in several standalone buildings. This one-stop integrated complex, on the other hand, maximises land use, and is a prototype for meeting the needs of Singapore’s ageing population. The building is organised in three layers. The lower levels contain the People’s Plaza, a "community living room" with shops, eateries, and access to a tropical garden. The medical centre is located in the middle floors, while the topmost layer contains studio apartments, as well as the green […]

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