Will Sweden lead the way in hydrogen-powered steelmaking?

Will Sweden lead the way in hydrogen-powered steelmaking?

Boasting a sea port, an ore mine and lots of renewable energy, northern Sweden is an ideal location for producing hydrogen-powered steel. But there’s no lack of challenges to tackle. The mining town of Kiruna in northern Sweden has big plans Lulea in northern Sweden is only about 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from the Arctic Circle. It has some 80,000 inhabitants, almost one-third of all people living in Norrbotten province. In winter, you need icebreakers to access the port of Lulea. It’s the second-biggest port on Sweden’s eastern coast after Stockholm. The port of Lulea predominantly handles coal, steel and ore iron. It’s located on one end of the Scandinavian ore railroad track, with Narvik in Norway being on the on the opposite end. In between there’s Lapland with its mining town Kiruna and an eponymous mine that is considered to be the world’s most productive ore mine . In Lulea, steel is produced from Kiruna ore with the help of coal coming from across the Baltic Sea. Steelmaking reinvented But this way of making steel will soon come to an end as Sweden’s steel industry aims to emulate national power utilities that have done completely without coal […]

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