Why sustainable investing is the best job ever

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The view from Dan Wells office’ in The Shard, central London. "Working in finance usually means a lifetime of feeling separated from nature. But working in sustainable investing allows us to spend time in fields, oceans and mountains, if not always literally then at least in our minds as we plan and execute investment strategies." Image: Dan Wells In the year 2000 I was travelling in New Zealand, sharing a hostel room with two easy-going Americans who lived a permanent backpacker life. “I have friends who took a suit and tie job, but I’ve never regretted my choice,” said one, in between anecdotes of a life of freedom and spur-of-the-moment adventures around the world. A month later I was back in London, starting my career in finance; because I clearly wanted to squeeze every last drop out of life in, um, accounting. In the years to come, as I rooted through invoices in dingy back rooms at companies I had been sent to audit, the obvious conclusion would be that my former buddies – paddling around Hawaii or seeking out yet more remote backcountry to ski – had chosen the more fulfilling path in life. But early in my […]

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