Why Our Creativity Connects Us To Nature

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Why Our Creativity Connects Us To Nature

Guest post byPhilippa Robin, Creative Copywriter & Wordsmith

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The artistical side of life in our western culture is well known as a recreational activity, as images and objects to reflect cultural beliefs and ideals. 

Even though beauty is an important part of our society and therefore art, it does not grasp the integrality of what it means to be a creative individual and have creative pursuits. It is not projected as something particularly useful for our society. 

There is a huge gap between the ‘not useful creative posturing’ and the successful big earning artist.

Art has been placed on a pillar as something static and something to look at, but it is not an integrated part of our main pillars in society, like; science, law, health or education. Individuals don’t necessarily need to be ‘creative’ and don’t need to be introduced to the creative and playful side of life, to be accepted in modern society. It is not portrayed as something necessary or essential.

When we talk about individual artistic pursuits, it as more projected as an ‘after work-hours’ activity, or hobby if you will.

When art finally catches the communal eyes, it is then placed in big themes of cultural usefulness, such as concepts used to understand our history, our collective beliefs and ideals. 

But what about our individual creativity and why does it give us a connection to the universe, to this world and to nature?


Reality contains a lot of data. We need our practical and rational approach to structure useful information concerning our survival. We need order to make it manageable and to create a form of rhythm or structure, as a collective and as a society. 

Right now, our society can be described as a high functioning technology based reality with overall pragmatic reasonable deductive skills. A society that abides a form of science that prefers easy to repeat and universal hypothesis with rational explanations. 

But how do you experience new things as an individual, without having to wait for the collective believe to change? How can you sink into your environment, unrestricted and why isn’t it common to allow sensations and deductions that doesn’t yet correlate to all the things you’ve learned as truth and knowledge? 

Instead of individuality and quality, society prefers sameness and quantity as to keep an overview; as to understand all aspects of our reality and to be in charge of it. 

In essence, this means we maintain a small part of the spectrum of reality, because reality goes further than the laws and rules we come up with by deductive reasoning.

Truth is a multilayered, multidimensional mysterious and ever evolving phenomena. We are bound by matter, time and place influenced by our own perspective and we need to remain flexible in order to adjust to the changes our environment is being exposed to.

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Why is our creativity (and more importantly the free flow of our own personal creativity) so necessary and vital?

It actually is a deductive scientific stream of consciousness, trying to digest what is being experienced. Although it is a subjective matter and product of individual observation merging with the inner emotional body, it does influence our believes and questions our place on this earth and connects us to something bigger than ourselves. In my opinion, that is the poetic and philosophical part of science. 

The creative perspective of human consciousness, like science, tries to reflect, embrace or understand parts of the universe. It creates symbols of nature’s presence, captured by the human perception and reveals the multilayered story of our world. It connects us to life that is already there and forever present.

Creativity or art is not logic or not really formula based, but it is an expression of the individual perception. It opens us to different spheres of communication, picking up messages beyond our rational capacity. 

This doesn’t mean to discharge rationalism or realism, but it merely implies there is a larger spectrum to dissect from. 

Someone’s creativity is not directly linked to practical or rational goals (yet it can be used as such). Creativity is the desire to feel and believe and be in tune with the multilayered spheres of existence and then interact with it by creating something from it. 


Creativity can be seen as the product or the attempt to understand the world as it is and what our personal connection and place is, in it.

Creative pursuits aims to make people feel. It opens matters of sensitivity, trust and imagination entangling you with nature’s presence, with everything surrounding you. It takes you right in the middle of the interaction, the creation, instead of the description of our world. 

Allowing your own personal creativity to flow, will open you up to the meaning of existence squeezed out of the abstract, out of the unknown and out of the interconnectedness of nature. It observes what is alive, active and changing in our environment.

And whether we hide it or not, we are sensitive creatures trying to fit in. And people will never forget how you made them feel; like feelings of being loved, connected understood or heard. 

Nobody remembers rules like the palm of their hands, but everyone remembers that soul-connected stare from someone they love. 

All the words that are being said, all the theories and things that are being communicated through rational capacity will be partly remembered. But the feeling of someone’s presence is something that will cling onto someone for a lifetime.

That is the artistical side of life, the beauty of life. There is so much wild beauty and aesthetic value out there to absorb that makes life meaningful. And it is that kind of beauty that can inspires us to create. 

In sharing your creativity and the story you’ve created, you can inspire others to open up in a similar way. The inspiration we receive by perceiving someone’s intimate light can be more life changing than any law and rule forced onto someone. 

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The purpose of living is not solely consuming, having pleasure or be entertained. It is to feel meaningful and, therefore, feeling useful, mindful and connected to something stronger and bigger than ourselves. 

The purpose of living is allowing our own creativity to flow freely and to connect us to something unknown to us, something that makes us alive and makes us feel life in the moment; a connection with what is already present. We are not the soul creator. We are here to perceive and receive what is already there and find our own purpose and meaning within it; believing our essence has a role to play in this never ending universe and on this ever changing planet.

It’s these feelings of inclusion, feelings of honour and compassion that can make you feel like you’ve made a difference and feel life like it is your own and not some learned version that needs updates by measuring and studying the external authority.

But to feel life like a bulging presence coming through your own essence. Flowing through you, like a whisper of something sacred. Something only you can hear, a secret you share with the universe.

Feeling the essence of life and the presence of aliveness in all things surrounding you may be the very base of meaningfulness. Because it is something you have created and you have a connection to.

Society tells us that it will figure everything out for us. But it doesn’t tell us how to live meaningful, or purposeful. That is something you have to creatively figure out by yourself. And that is the eccentric beauty life can offer you, exactly and only for you. That is the uniqueness of being you. 

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So, what is your personal interaction with our world, with nature? What is your personal communication stream? How do you and only you understand her? The feeling or intuition or subconscious pulsation that now arises, is the answer to that question; that is your personal relationship with our planet. 

We are surrounded with life and her multi layered stream of communication. Feel it and start writing, painting, designing a product, helping or anything that makes you feel more connected, more alive and creative. That is your art piece, your creative essence contributing this world. The world wants your own unique thoughts, merged with nature’s ‘presence’.

Dare to be okay with all thing yet unknown to us. And not be threatened by it or not be in war with it, in order to have the illusion of control and power or the illusion of being in charge. 

By opening up to our creative essence, we become grateful and aware of all that is. And that is why our own personal creativity is vital, essential and necessary. Allowing creativity to flow, brings us closer to nature, to our own essence and to life itself. 

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