Which is Southeast Asia’s most advanced clean energy nation?

Across much of Southeast Asia, windy coasts stretch as far as the eye can see, sunshine is plentiful, and mighty rivers snake across the land. Where tectonic plates interact, energy-rich underground reservoirs of hot water and steam accumulate, only waiting to be tapped. The region’s renewable power potential is immense, yet Southeast Asian nations have been slow to harness this wealth of clean, affordable energy. This, however, is changing, as some countries are beginning to realise just how much they are missing out on. As such, many governments in the region are now racing to power their people in ways that help combat air pollution and climate change. Clean energy investors and developers are answering their calls, and solar and wind projects are springing up across Southeast Asia at rates unimaginable only two years ago. Some countries are faring better than others in the renewables race, but who exactly is currently the front-runner, and what is their magic recipe for success? To find out, watch this video, which is part of Eco-Business’s series on Southeast Asia’s clean energy transition . For more in-depth analysis, read our special report on Southeast Asia’s renewable energy switch, which digs into the challenges […]

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