What If Consumers Could Just Buy Batteries and Plug Them In?

U.S. startup Orison is ready to test its “energy storage as home appliance” concept in Australia and Europe following an $8.5 million seed round. Home battery storage has grown precipitously in recent years, but it still doesn’t match the scale and accessibility of a home appliance. Orison has been trying to change that since 2013. Now, the Wyoming-based startup is preparing to ship its sleek, plug-in home battery panels in July for field tests in Australia, Europe and the U.K., where it has met the safety standards for operation. “We wanted to be more of a consumer electricity product, a simple solution for consumers,” founder and CEO Eric Clifton said in an interview. “The idea was an appliance that is not infrastructure, because the entire storage industry was still looking at it as infrastructure.” The formerly crowdfunded company announced Monday that it closed an $8.5 million seed round and is opening up a Series A. Australian electricity retailer Origin participated in the seed funding and signed a memorandum of understanding to put up to 4,000 Orison battery devices into customer homes starting early next year. A full U.S. commercial launch is expected by year’s end, pending UL safety certification […]

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