We Convert People’s Yards Into Food-Growing Gardens. You Can Transform Yours Too.

Kai Lani Rutland City Beet Farm owners Maddy Clerk, left, and Elana Evans, right. Neither of us grew up farming. Truthfully, up until a few years ago we couldn’t even tell you what a pepper plant looked like! Now, we grow vegetables and cut flowers across 15 residential front and backyards in East Vancouver, where we’ve helped nurture our community for the past four seasons. In 2013, two young women much like us were faced with the biggest obstacle to aspiring farmers: access to land. Katie and Ruth, City Beet’s founders, canvassed neighbourhoods with the idea of farming people’s yards. It was then that City Beet Farm took root across six lawns, all within biking distance of one another. We purchased the business when it went up for sale in 2016, and put our combined backgrounds in business and soil science to work. Elana Evans We trade homeowners vegetables for the use of their front and back lawns. Growing food, for us, feels like a hands-on, tangible way to exercise our commitment to the land and to building community. We take great care of the soil to grow nutritious food that our communities can feel good about feeding their […]

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