We can’t just plant trees, we have to restore forests. Here’s why

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Across the world, thousands of tree planting projects are underway. Around the world, a number of public and private campaigns of all sizes are underway with the aim of planting millions of trees. A trio of academics explain the benefits of small, community planting projects, that aim to restore forests, based on their learnings from Regrow Borneo. Small schemes provide an opportunity for local context, ensuring the right trees are planted in the right place for the right purpose. This allows for more areas to be reforested, helping to restore natural landscapes and eco-systems. The Queen’s Green Canopy , a campaign to celebrate Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee next year, involves asking people in the UK to plant trees: a “treebilee” as her son, Prince Charles puts it. This is one of a number of public and private campaigns underway, including initiatives by big corporations from Nestle to Audi which are also planting millions of trees in an attempt to mitigate a portion of their environmental impact. But, at a much smaller scale, there are thousands of community reforestation projects around the word whose goals differ depending on the environment and desires of local people. For example, planting native trees […]

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