Wave Energy To Gild The Floating Wind Turbine Lily In Ireland

Wave Energy To Gild The Floating Wind Turbine Lily In Ireland
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Photo: CorPower wave energy device with floating wind turbine in background courtesy of Simply Blue Energy. Floating wind turbine technology is just starting to get off the ground, and now suddenly wave energy is coming around to turbo-boost the industry. If all goes according to plan, a new floating wind-plus-wave project off the coast of Ireland will demonstrate how nations with a coastline can accelerate the clean energy transition and meet their 2050 net zero carbon goals just in time to thwart catastrophic climate change. You listening, USA? The Rise Of The Floating Wind Turbine Floating wind turbines aim at harvesting wind power from offshore sites that are too deep for fixed-platform structures. Attach a tether to something that floats, and you could put a wind turbine just about anywhere. That greatly expands the opportunities for coastal nations like the US, which is already on track to festoon the relatively shallow waters of the Atlantic coast with offshore wind farms but has yet to dip a toe into the deeper waters of the Pacific (the Gulf of Mexico is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish, more on that later). Just a few years ago, floating turbine technology seemed to […]

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