Watch zebras being released in Tanzania after 50-year absence (video)

© Sophy Machaga / WCS Half a century ago zebras were hunted to extinction in the region, now the area is being rewilded and the zebras are leading the charge. You know what Tanzania’s Southern Highlands should have? Zebras! Once plentiful in the region, they’ve been gone for 50 years, hunted to extinction or removed to make room for sheep ranching and dairy farming. But now that those agricultural pursuits have been put to rest, it’s time for the wild flora and fauna to return. And conservationists from Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) are on it. They’ve just released a goosebumps-inducing video (below) showing the reintroduction of 24 zebras into Tanzania’s Kitulo National Park. The patterned pack included 16 adult and subadult females, six adult and subadult males, and two juvenile males. The zebras came from Mikumi National Park in eastern Tanzania. © Sophy Machaga / WCS The Kitulo plateau, where the zebras were released, plays home to the best remaining example of one of eastern Africa’s rarest biomes: montane grassland, according to the WCS . Now if you’re thinking it might be tricky to simply release a bunch […]

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