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Walmart renewable energy to supply clean energy to 44 Walmart stores across Michigan.
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Walmart renewable energy to supply clean energy to 44 Walmart stores across Michigan. Walmart Corporate from Bentonville, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Walmart renewable energy to supply clean energy to 44 Walmart stores across Michigan.

Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest energy provider, announced a partnership with Walmart to supply clean energy to 44 Walmart locations across the state. This agreement marks a significant step forward for Consumers Energy’s Renewable Energy Program, which already boasts commitments from over 30 major Michigan businesses.

“This collaboration exemplifies Consumers Energy’s dedication to Michigan’s clean energy future,” said Lauren Snyder, Consumers Energy’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “By working together, we can significantly increase clean energy capacity within the state’s power grid while creating jobs and fostering economic growth in the renewable energy sector.”

This partnership aligns with a commitment to powering its operations entirely with Walmart renewable energy. “Our strategy prioritizes high-quality clean energy sources that not only provide reliable, emission-free power for our stores but also contribute to the expansion of clean energy capacity on the grid,” said Stephen Chriss, Senior Director for Utility Partnerships at Walmart.

Through this agreement, Walmart renewable energy will match 90% of its energy consumption at the 44 Michigan locations with future renewable energy projects developed by Consumers Energy within the state.

Walmart has committed to balancing 90% of the electricity used by its 44 Michigan locations with renewable energy. This means that for every 100 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity a Walmart store consumes, Consumers Energy will source or develop enough renewable energy projects to generate 90 MWh. In addition, the renewable energy used to match Walmart’s consumption won’t necessarily come from existing sources. Instead, Consumers Energy will use this agreement as justification to invest in and develop new renewable energy projects within Michigan. These projects could include solar farms, wind turbines, or other clean energy sources.

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This structure benefits both companies. Walmart renewable energy gets credit for its sustainability goals by effectively using clean energy without needing to install on-site solar panels or wind turbines at each location. Consumers Energy gains a long-term customer for the future renewable energy it develops, helping to ensure a return on investment for these new projects. Further, the agreement keeps the focus on renewable energy development within Michigan. This means the clean energy used to offset Walmart’s consumption will be generated in the state, potentially reducing reliance on fossil fuel power plants and lowering overall carbon emissions in Michigan

Consumers Energy’s Renewable Energy Program is making significant strides in expanding Michigan’s access to clean energy beyond Walmart renewable energy. By partnering with over 30 businesses, the program has secured commitments for nearly 600 megawatts of clean energy. This translates to a substantial boost in the state’s renewable energy capacity, with the potential to power roughly 66,000 homes each year based on US household consumption estimates.

The environmental benefits are equally impressive. The program’s clean energy generation is estimated to have the same positive impact as taking 120,000 cars off the road, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. While the exact conversion method used by the EPA remains unclear, it emphasizes the program’s contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a cleaner future for the state.

Consumers Energy’s Walmart Renewable Energy Program offers businesses a local, cost-effective, and customizable solution to integrate solar and wind power into their operations while contributing to environmental sustainability. Businesses that participate not only support the greening of Michigan’s energy grid but also contribute to job creation within the state’s renewable energy sector.

Consumers Energy doesn’t just supply Walmart renewable energy. It is Michigan’s leading energy provider, delivering to over 6.8 million of the state’s 10 million residents. Their Clean Energy Plan aims to eliminate coal as an energy source by 2025 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, fulfilling 90% of customer energy needs with clean sources like solar and wind power.

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