Virginia Governor Takes Action on Single-Use Plastics

Virginia Governor Takes Action on Single-Use Plastics
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A plastic bag on the beach at Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge in Kiptopeke, Virginia on Oct. 22, 2011. Caitlin Finnerty / Chesapeake Bay Program / Flickr The state of Virginia is taking a stand against single-use plastics . Gov. Ralph Northam signed an executive order Tuesday designed to phase out the use of non-reusable plastics at state institutions, including colleges and universities. The order comes the same week that Northam signed a law banning polystyrene food containers in the state, as the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported . "From landmark investments in renewable energy to bold action to tackle the climate crisis, Virginia is at the forefront of innovative efforts to protect our environment, and addressing the problem of plastic pollution is an important part of this work," Northam said in a press release announcing the order . "As a large producer of solid waste, the Commonwealth must lead by example and transition away from single-use disposable plastics to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all Virginians." Many plastics are not actually recyclable , as comedian John Oliver detailed just this Sunday in a segment reported on by EcoWatch . In the U.S., less than nine percent of plastics […]

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