Village Weaves, Assam, uses plastic to knit an eco-friendly story

weaving loom with yellow string t20 bkoLym Village Weaves, Assam, uses plastic to knit an eco-friendly story

Village Weaves, an organisation near Kaziranga village, is converting plastic waste into household utility items to help save the environment Village Weaves, an enterprise started by Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi of Bosagaon, a village near Kaziranga National Park in Golaghat district, Assam, is helping women convert plastic packets into home decor and utility items such as table mats, runners and mats. Village Weaves was started by Rupjyoti to stop plastic from nearby villages getting dumped into the landfills. She describes her organisation’s attempt as a step towards protecting the environment, animals and birds. Her concern is not just with the soil getting affected but also the irresponsible handling of plastic bags that will find their way as food to grazing animals (wild and domestic). Burning plastic is not ideal, as it causes air pollution. Rupjyoti clarifies that they do not collect plastic from garbage; they do not have the man power or the machinery to clean, dry and sanitise such plastic waste. Read More | This women-run collective in Assam has launched a yoga mat made of water hycaniths She explains, “We only use plastic bags from homes which would otherwise be disposed with everyday wet waste. In our villages, […]

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