Vietnamese Youth Who Rise for Climate

“I am so excited about the plan we’ve built for RISE in Vietnam. It will definitely represent the voices of Vietnamese youths, which I want to be heard by the world leaders. My hometown has been hit by sea level rise. There’s no more time to waste!” 30 young environmental leaders from 14 provinces and cities across Vietnam, just had an unforgettable week at the Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp in Binh Thuan Province. It was the 4 th time a climate leadership camp had been organized by CHANGE/350 Vietnam to train Vietnamese youths to become climate organizers and campaigners, and the 2 nd time under the name “Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp” or VCLC. The camps in the previous years (2013, 2015, 2017) inspired and trained Vietnamese youngsters about the climate crisis, and how community youth groups could do their own community events to raise the awareness about climate change, air pollution, as well as promote renewable energy as a key solution to tackle both the climate and pollution crisis. For VCLC2018’s location, Binh Thuan Province was strategically chosen, as this province hosts the country’s largest coal-fired power plants complex Vinh Tan, and at the same time it’s where many […]

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