How Videos Can Help Spread Cleantech Awareness Globally

Video production helps clean tech companies. Photo by Expect Best via Pexels
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Video production helps clean tech companies. Photo by Expect Best via Pexels.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

How Videos Can Help Spread Cleantech Awareness Globally

The power of videos in today’s generation is not unknown to any of us. Over the last two decades, videos have become the most successful content format on the internet simply because they are easy to consume, highly engaging, and can convey tons of information in a short time.

Videos have changed the world of marketing in a good way – marketers all around the globe now utilize video content to market their brands on social media platforms

Advanced technology is indeed a blessing to humankind, but let’s not forget one of its worst drawbacks: tech pollution, and we are the ones to blame.

The tremendous damage caused can only be controlled with cleantech, also known as clean technology. Unfortunately, not many people know about the concept of cleantech and why cleantech holds so much importance. 

You or your team might not be able to educate everyone in the world individually about cleantech media. To spread cleantech awareness globally with ease, videos are the most effective way out.

This article highlights everything you need to know about cleantech and how you can spread cleantech awareness globally with the help of video content.

Cleantech – A Sustainable Technology

Simply put, cleantech or clean technology refers to a process, a product, or a service that focuses on the reduction of harmful environmental impact by using the resources sustainably or by improving their energy efficiency.

Cleantech companies always ensure that they use their resources with maximum efficiency for high performance and profitability. 

Needless to say, cleantech media is on a mission to make this world a better place, and therefore, it deserves recognition.

In a generation where billions of people use social media platforms and consume video content every day, spreading cleantech awareness isn’t going to be a very tough job. All you need to do is plan a video marketing strategy that works best for your company. 

Video Marketing – The Real Meaning

Video marketing is the art of making, publishing, and promoting video content on the internet to encourage the audience to buy certain products, opt for certain services, or even establish a brand image. Video content helps the audience enjoy learning about a topic.

In fact, 72% of consumers have said that they prefer video content over lengthy blog posts. With the help of a proper video marketing strategy and engaging video content, you can simply market your company on the internet and educate the audience about the concept of cleantech.

Importance of Video Marketing in Cleantech Media

Cleantech media is on a mission to use minimum resources for maximum production and profit, and this movement is crucial to keep tech pollution under control. B2B cleantech companies require strong marketing strategies just like B2C companies to achieve success. 

Video marketing is crucial for cleantech media because a large number of B2B cleantech companies have so many stakeholders who are new to their products. You or your team cannot be present everywhere at the same time, so the best solution is to make videos to educate not only the stakeholders but also the audience around the globe. 

Apart from that, various reasons make video marketing a must for not only cleantech companies but also companies of all sorts. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate video content into your marketing strategy for your company’s overall growth:

  1. Video Content Makes Complex Messaging More Convenient

Cleantech is a broad concept involving a lot of discussion about several topics.

A well-made video can simplify even the hardest topic for viewers. Moreover, if you identify your customers’ pain points appropriately and provide them with the best solution, your customers will keep coming back.

Plus, if you make animated videos, explainer videos, and cleantech product videos, you will succeed in educating your audience about cleantech media and its importance. Animated videos play a pivotal role in engaging audiences of all age groups.

  1. Videos are Cost-Effective and Have a Better Reach

One of the best things about video content is that you don’t need to spend tons of money for a great outcome.

A good script and practical thinking are all you need to ensure the success of your videos. It’s not necessary to hire professionals to shoot and edit your videos. A smartphone and a good online video editor are enough if the video concept is exceptional.

Since video content has a very impressive reach across all social media platforms, you won’t have to spend money for promotion. Ensure that you use relevant hashtags and keywords so that it reaches the right audience base.

  1. Customers Prefer Video Content Over Blog Posts

As previously mentioned, most people no longer have time to read long blog posts about topics they are interested in. They’d prefer videos over blog posts simply because videos can give them a lot of information within a couple of minutes.

Plus, videos have much more impact as they build trust among audiences and help them make quicker decisions.

Videos are quick and interesting. They prompt viewers to immerse themselves in the happenings and grasp the concept easily. Hence, video content is something you cannot do without in the modern age.

  1. Search Engines Love Video Content

If you want to make sure that your company’s official website shows up on the first page of the user’s search engine, videos are your best friend. When you put videos on your website, it makes the visitors stay on your website’s landing page for longer than usual. 

This makes search engines like Google assume that your website’s content adds value to the user’s life, and as a result, your website gets displayed at the top. This further makes more and more users click on your website, and that’s how your website’s traffic increases.

  1. Video Content Dominates Social Media Platforms

Social media has an impact on society, and an average person uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., for at least 2 hours and 27 minutes a day.

Video content has always received more attention and engagement from users. After the introduction of Instagram and Facebook’s new Reels feature, pictures and text have become a lot less relevant to users. 

Video content is all over social media, and if you stay on trend and publish good content, the engagement rate will exceed your expectations. Post behind-the-scenes, short explainer videos, and tutorials to boost engagement rate and increase your brand’s reach on social media.


If your business goals include getting global recognition, video marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get there.

By making social videos, animated videos, and explainer videos and promoting them on social media platforms and your website, you can spread cleantech awareness globally and encourage people to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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