VIDEO: Watch The Sea Forager Sustainably Harvest The Ocean’s Bounty

"The Sea Forager," Kirk Lombard, demonstrates how to sustainably forage and eat wild animals found on the Northern California coast. Not seeing the video? Click here. Kirk Lombard is a firm believer that one of the best ways to show your love for the sea is to harvest and eat its bounty — responsibly. Lombard is an avid fisherman and fishmonger based in San Francisco. He runs the Sea Forager tours along the coast, teaching locals how to sustainably fish and forage for their own dinner from the ocean. He sees himself as a steward of the sea and its habitats. He is outspoken about his foraging philosophy and follows his own guidelines when out foraging. In his cheeky and informative 2016 book, The Sea Forager’s Guide To The Northern California Coast , Lombard writes, "One of the problems we have in our area is that people key in on one particular site because it’s easy and accessible — and then they fish it or pick it until it’s dead. Meanwhile, there are untouched areas a few miles away that seldom if ever get foraged." He continues, "The resources will be far better off if we act as stewards […]

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