Urine for a surprise with the new Save! Toilet: it looks normal

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© This Laufen toilet looks totally normal/ Laufen Coming to a bathroom near you. On their own, poop and pee can be very useful; urine is full of phosphorus, and poop is an excellent source of nitrogen. A lot of fossil fuels could be left in the ground if they were not being turned into fertilizers. Poop is also a lot less smelly and composts much more quickly if it is not mixed with pee. That’s why we have long been fans of urine-separating toilets. As one Swedish researcher noted , "Don’t mix what God separates." We have shown a few in the past that have been problematic, but this new design from the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), Austrian design studio EOOS) the team behind the brilliant Blue Diversion Toilet , and plumbing manufacturer Laufen is different, and addresses many of the earlier problems. © Laufen Perhaps the main difference is that it doesn’t look different, it looks like a regular toilet. Complaints about previous designs included that they looked weird. "Today’s loo offers an out-of-sight-out-of-mind experience." This works differently: © Laufen The product’s key innovation is a “Urine Trap” invented by EOOS Design, […]

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