UK now second cheapest country in Europe to own an EV

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The price differences between electric vehicles and petrol/diesels continue to fall fast, bringing Europe in general ever close to that crucial tipping point while some countries are already there. The average monthly total cost of ownership for electric vehicles in the UK is €676 (£615), only beaten by the €656 (£597) figure for Greece That’s according to LeasePlan’s annual Car Cost Index, which also shows the UK is now the second most cost-effective country in Europe to own an electric vehicle. The latest analysis (see last year’s research here ) reveals that compared to 2018, there has been a sharp decline in the price differences between electric cars and petrol/diesel vehicles across the European markets, with EVs fully cost competitive compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) in Norway and the Netherlands. In almost all other countries analysed, the price gap between driving an EV and a diesel or petrol car has narrowed. If this trend continues, EVs will also reach cost competitiveness in countries such as the UK and Denmark in the near future. In the case of the UK, the country is now the second cheapest place to run an EV. According to the Car Cost […]

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