Toronto company is making shoes that turn into apple trees

close up of old fashioned grunge hipster high top sneakers with laces in black and white shoes t20 Kyb0PK Toronto company is making shoes that turn into apple trees

A Toronto designer created a pair of shoes that eventually turn into an apple tree afer he spent seven years in the fashion industry and looked for more sustainable choices. Toronto resident Luc Houle, 33, created Johnny: The Shoe That Grows Into A Tree and launched a Kickstarter to get his product made. The shoes look like a normal, canvas sneakers but they are made with biodegradable materials and have an apple seed hidden in the sole. They are cushiony, lightweight and water resistant. The Johnny Footwear shoes come in black and white. The idea came to Houle while he was working in the fast fashion industry, which pumps out a lot of cheaply made clothes that end up in landfills. The soles of shoes are usually made of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. “Plastic sticks around for about 1,000 years after we throw it away,” Houle tells blogTO. “I kind of wanted to do something to fix that.” So after about three years developing the technology and creating a prototype, he came up with Johnny, named after Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) who introduced apple trees to Ontario and many northern U.S. states in the 1800s. […]

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