Top 5 posts for the week of September 23-29, 2018

Screen Shot 2018 09 30 at 10.32.26 PM Top 5 posts for the week of September 23-29, 2018

1) Don’t be jealous, but this couple has a blue jay friend named Henry

While working in the backyard this past summer, this couple found a dehydrated young Blue Jay. Barely fledged, the little bird was struggling to even recognise food. He became a fixture at their home and with a little help from his new human friends he learned how to forage for food. Eventually Henry found a flock of wild jays to live with (and maybe even a girlfriend) but he comes back for visits with his humans daily.

2) This new electric car can charge while you drive

The Sion EV is a plug in EV that extends its range by using solar panels mounted on the surface of the vehicle. These panels are integrated into the actual body components and are an integral part of the vehicle. Due to the low cost of panels, the individual components are the same cost as a standard style finished with paint. The low cost also allows for panels on the sides of the vehicle, which further increase efficiency in climates such as Northern Europe where the sun is low in the sky for most of the day.

3) Bombardier unveils a new battery-powered train

Bombardier’s new train allows the vehicle to run as normal on batteries for up to 100km. No small feat when you consider the speeds and weights of modern passenger trains. The trial, which will run a prototype for 12 months, is intended to show the advantages of using battery over traditional propulsion methods such as diesel or third rail type systems.
The environmental footprint of a battery train is obviously very low but one of the biggest drivers for this type of system is reduced costs of operation often achieving payback in just a few years.

4) The 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists Have Been Revealed, And They’re Brilliant

With everything from ground dwelling owls to the largest moose, the animals in the comedy awards will have you laughing out loud.

5) 5 Reasons Why Vegan Seafood Is About to Get Super Popular

With harvesting pressure on fish stocks at an all time high and no end in sight, vegan seafood’s time has come. Similar to the newly developed vegetable based beyond meat and others like it, ethical vegan seafood from Ocean Hugger mimics the flavour and texture of fish without killing or putting pressure on fish stocks or supporting the cruel treatment of fish processing workers. But most importantly, the vegan alternatives taste great and are good for you.

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