Top 5 posts for the week of October 7-14, 2018

Screen Shot 2018 10 15 at 8.37.29 AM Top 5 posts for the week of October 7-14, 2018

Top 5 posts for the week of October 7-14, 2018

1) In Europe Nissan Sells 1 LEAF Every 10 Minutes

While the semi-luxury Tesla Model 3 seems to be getting all the press lately, the Nissan Leaf has been humming along with sales that outnumber all other electric vehicles and hybrids. When you look at sales in Norway, the vehicle is the number one car period. The new gen 2 leaf brings a host of new features including e pedal, but the biggest new feature is the much greater range from the larger battery. This range makes the car a viable use for more than commuting and has resulted in thousands of corporate sales. Truly a sign of things to come, designers of Leaf gave buyers what they wanted and sales reflect this.

2) Renewable resort: Greek island to run on wind, solar power

As one of the last locations on the electrical line that feeds it, the Greek Island of Tilos has been dependant upon thousands of kilometers of submerged and aging infrastructure. This meant common blackouts often resulting in hours or days of no power situations where food would spoil and electrical devices would be damaged by surges. The answer was a stand alone renewable energy generation system that provides stable, reliable power to the island, it’s residents and the tourists that visit. The Tilos renewable project, funded by the EU will be the prototype of many similar projects to be rolled out on Greek islands in the coming years.

3) Ten tips to reduce your plastic footprint

Most people like the idea of reducing their footprint but may not know how to do it easily or quickly. Carrying a refillable water bottle or coffee mug is easy and simple and when large numbers of people do it, can make significant impact to how much waste enters the environment. This list offers ten easy ways that people can make small changes to their daily lives to make large impacts to the global plastic pollution problem.

4) Jaguar Says That EV Battery Size Has Peaked and Will Begin to Shrink

Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, technical design director for Jaguar believes the race toward larger batteries for EV’s will soon be over. Increased performance from smaller automotive batteries will allow longer range between charges; increased depth of discharge without harming the battery, increased energy density and rapid charging. These performance increases combined with a more robust charging infrastructure will allow drivers ability to drive further with batteries that are smaller. The result will be a trend to reduce the size of the batteries to the point where they will become less of an issue in the design of the vehicle and have impact regarding cost.

5) Carbon Engineering Claims Direct Air Capture Of Carbon Costs Less Than $100 Per Ton

Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company that has been developing carbon capture technology has announced that they have a reached a cost per ton of sequestered carbon under $100 ($94 to be exact). This is significant as many of those who would object to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere cite cost as the number on one reason they would prefer to do nothing. Certainly at $94/ton the cost to make significant headway against the increasing global temperature will be expensive, but the alternative costs of displaced people due to higher sea levels and loss of crops would be significantly higher.
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