This outdoor furniture line uses upcycled rice hulls that outperform wood

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Michigan-based furniture manufacturing company Grand Rapids Chair Company has unveiled a sustainable addition to its repertoire of personalized chairs and tables. The Bowen Collection is a classically framed table with a twist — its top surface material is made using an ultra-durable blend of upcycled rice hulls that would have otherwise gone to waste . This agricultural byproduct of rice farming, called acre, actually holds up better than traditional wood, according to the company. Acre mimics the style of wood while providing upgraded weather, pest, water and UV damage resistance. It’s also guaranteed not to rot, crack or splinter. Acre is extremely lightweight and free from phenol, formaldehyde and adhesive that could off-gas into potentially harmful VOCs. Veteran designers for the company, Tim Stoepker and Sara Gesink, are responsible for the collection’s aesthetic. “We landed on the picnic style slat design which we felt really spoke well to the community and the togetherness aspect of a picnic table, but higher end,” said Gesink while describing the design process. “With the hoop leg, it could visually fit inside in different environments versus going picnic style with the leg,” added Stoepker. The tables are manufactured locally in the Grand Rapids facility […]

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