This new online grocery store is entirely plastic-free

When an order shows up at your door from the new online grocery service Rise Mrkt, you won’t end up with any trash: All of the food comes in compostable packages. The startup, which says it will launch the service in early 2020 if a current crowdfunding campaign succeeds, wanted to eliminate plastic. “I think it’s the brand’s responsibility to worry about the life cycle of the packaging, and to actually be in charge of that and take responsibility for it,” says founder Jordyn Gatti. That meant not only shipping food in compostable pouches but helping consumers take the final step to compost the packaging; if someone lives in a city that doesn’t offer composting, and if they also don’t have the ability to compost in their backyard, the company will pay to send the pouches to the closest facility. “We just send you a prepaid label, and all you have to do is take one of the pouches, open it up, stuff the other ones inside, and attach this prepaid label. . . . If you can return an Amazon package, you can compost,” he says. [Photo: courtesy Rise Mrkt] Some existing grocery stores are also slowly beginning […]

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