This Mushroom Death Suit Turns Your Dead Body Into Clean Compost

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory We are all focused on reducing our carbon footprint on earth during our lifespan. But ever thought about the impact your body can have on our environment, even in death? One team of innovative designers have developed an eco-friendly jumpsuit named the Infinity Burial Suit . It uses mushroom-spore-infused threads. The idea behind this “mushroom death suit” is to neutralize environmental contaminants your body may harbour. The mushrooms will grow from the suit, digesting the nutrients from your body. Welcomed by a lot of controversy on its first announcement, the product went on sale officially in April 2016. Mycoremediation – the unique ability of mushrooms in cleaning toxic contaminants in our environment, is what the suit is built on. Jae Rhim Lee, co-creator of the suit, explained how the master cleaners, mushrooms, inspired her to create this unique suit. The suit now retails for $1500 on their website . The team was also looking into building an Infinity Pod for your pets’ dead bodies. Image: Coeio The thought of something eating your body after death may not be comfortable for most of us. But we definitely need better and cleaner burial options because […]

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