This DNC council sees Biden’s climate plan, and raises him — by $14 trillion

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Bernie may be out of the primaries, but his $16 trillion climate plan lives on. Last week, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) council proposed that the federal government spend a whopping $10 to 16 trillion addressing the climate crisis over the next 10 years. The group — officially called the DNC Council on the Environment and the Climate Crisis — is chaired by Michelle Deatrick, who was a surrogate for the Sanders campaign during the Democratic primaries. To be clear, the group isn’t aligned with the DNC’s famously moderate leadership. The climate council was formed last year in response to widespread frustration from climate activists and leftists, who tried and failed to get the DNC to host a climate-specific debate for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. As of February, the council has become a “ permanent entity ” of the DNC as a sort of ombudsman, providing advice on climate issues but not setting the party’s official platform. That happens every four years at the DNC’s national convention , which just so happens to be coming up this August. The climate council hopes its suite of recommendations will push the DNC to accept more ambitious policy planks ahead of […]

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