This Desk-Sized Turbine Can Power A Small Town Using Carbon Dioxide

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory GE Global Research has been doing their part to save the planet for some years now. And this desk-sized turbine is just another feather in their cap. This sustainable turbine uses carbon dioxide to produce efficient energy. Don’t let its size fool you. It can produce enough energy to power a small town! The turbine’s capacity has been put as energy for 10,000 homes, according to its creators. It has the incredible potential to solve most of the world’s energy woes very easily too. Also read: Solar Powered Device Can Purify 19,800 Gallons of Water Per Day A traditional turbine runs on steam and weighs many tons. Yet the one designed by GEGR weighs just about 68kgs and uses carbon dioxide instead of steam. The lead engineer of this project was Doug Hofer who worked on it in Albany, NY. He explained the huge impact of this small device packs. As we keep looking for more and more efficient and cleaner sources of energy which can generate power for the whole wide world. This invention was aimed at just these problems. With its design, the turbine has the capacity to produce almost 10,000 […]

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