This Black Woman Owned Farm is Adapting and Thriving During a Pandemic

If you’re looking for a Black Woman-Owned Farm in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Mother’s Finest Urban Farm . We caught up with the owner, Samantha Foxx to find out more about how she and her business are doing these days. Samantha Foxx, owner of Mother’s Finest Urban Farm (photo credit Allison Lee Eisley) What inspired you to start a farm? I was inspired to get back in touch with nature after realizing the importance of self-sufficiency for me and my family. I think growing your food is a major step to having better health as families and an entire community. Also, the aspects of self-sufficiency and having a good understanding of where our food comes from is so key. Working and learning together helps us create solutions that will decolonize our health and preserve our lives. We’ve been busy! I’m seeing more people grabbing hold of the messages I have been spreading since I started. People are investing more into their local farmers and seeing food as a source of wellness and having access to fresh quality produce is becoming more relevant. We are working hard daily, to make sure that our community has access to quality […]

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