These jackets are made from wool that fights climate change

Two-thirds of the wool produced by a flock of sheep at Bare Ranch, a large ranch in Northern California, is now going to The North Face. The ranch was the first to adopt a so-called “carbon farm plan” to change its practices to help reverse its own emissions, sequestering more carbon in the soil than it produces. Last year, The North Face used the “climate beneficial” wool to launch a knit hat that quickly sold out on its website. The company is now adding men’s and women’s jackets made from the wool to the line , along with a new climate-beneficial scarf. [Photo: The North Face] “We’re doing this because it aligns very well with our strategy to reduce our environmental impact and to protect our outdoor playground,” says James Rogers, director of sustainability at The North Face. “The more that we can expand and scale these types of programs, the more good we’re doing. The other [reason] is that we hope it influences the industry as a whole, so the more we can keep programs like this visible to consumers and visible to the industry, the more it can help scale this type of climate-beneficial wool in general.” […]

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