The Top 5 Happy Eco News Stories for May 29, 2023

top 5 blue hero 3 The Top 5 Happy Eco News Stories for May 29, 2023

Welcome to the Happy Eco News weekly roundup.

This week, we have a guest post by Rosmel Rodriguez, a European Union Climate Pact Ambassador who writes about the importance of considering climate shadows.

We also have stories about the return of the Bronx River dolphins, a coral reef restoration project, 4D seeds that can study the soil, the importance of No Mow May, and the world’s largest green hydrogen plant.

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Guest Posts

Carbon Footprint and Climate Shadow: A Holistic Perspective to Face the Climate Crisis

The climate shadow invites us to reflect on the "ripples" we create with our everyday actions and behaviors.

Author: Rosmel Rodriguez

Category: Category, World

The climate shadow is a concept proposed by writer and journalist Emma Pattee, as a more comprehensive way to confront the climate emergency. It refers to how the sum of our life choices influences climate change, both directly and indirectly. Read More

Happy Eco News Top 5

Bronx River Dolphins are Back!

Bronx River Dolphins are Back!

Author: Grant Brown

Category: Nature, North America

The recent sighting of Bronx River dolphins is a rare and significant event that suggests an improvement in the river’s ecosystem health. This achievement is a result of the collaborative efforts of various groups that have worked to improve water quality, restore habitats, and promote fisheries in the Bronx River. Read More

Archireef Artificial Reef: Coral Reef Restoration

Archireef Artificial Reef: Coral Reef Restoration.

Author: Grant Brown

Category: Nature, World

Archireef artificial reef helps fight against this trend. Founded to help Hong Kong in 2014 by marine biologists, architects, and engineers, the company has a vision to restore ocean ecosystems using cutting-edge eco-engineering technologies. Read More

4D-Printed Seeds That Can Study the Soil

Scientists from the Bioinspired Soft Robotics Lab have designed the first 4D-printed seed-inspired soft robot which can monitor pollutants, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in the soil.

Author: Jamie D’Souza

Category: Science, Europe

The Bioinspired Soft Robotics lab has designed the first 4D-printed seed-inspired soft robot. The robotic seed mimics the movement and performance of a natural seed. The seed is said to help act as a sensor for monitoring pollutants, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in the soil. Read More

No Mow May – 5 Years of Pollinator Help

No Mow May encourages homeowners not to mow their lawns for the entire month of May to promote the growth of wildflowers.

Author: Jamie D’Souza

Category: Society, World

No Mow May aims to get people to start thinking about their lawns and the environment. Gardens can make a difference in the number of wildflowers and, in turn, will affect our pollinators and food sources. If we can change how we think about green space, lawns and gardens, we can have a greater impact on our planet. Read More

Ordos, World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant

China Begins Construction on World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant.

Author: Fisher Brown

Category: Business, Asia

The world’s largest green hydrogen plant is set to begin construction in Ordos, China. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the entire universe. However, on earth, capturing and using it is a lot more tricky than many realize. There are many different uses for hydrogen; they include transportation, heating, power generation, and industrial manufacturing. Read More

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