Feast Your Ears This New Year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea Podcast

Feast your ears this new year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea podcast
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Feast your ears this new year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea podcast. Image: Rebecca Meechan

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Feast your ears this new year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea podcast

Is ‘living more sustainably’ at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list? Or are you taking a backseat on the resolutions list this year because life is stressful enough and hard to keep up with? Either way – we’ve got a new podcast to add to your playlist in 2024.

I’m Rebecca, founder and co-host of The Sustainabilitea podcast. My best friend Dylan and I launched our podcast in 2023 and we’re on a low-key mission to get people talking about climate change. Why is our mission ‘low-key’? Because life is hectic, unpredictable, and stressful enough without another person telling you how you should or shouldn’t live your life. So, we’re here to gently guide you to make sustainable choices where possible and remind you that baby steps are better than no steps.

If you’re here reading this blog, I assume you’ll agree climate change is no laughing matter, right? But, with all the great comedians of our day boldly roasting the world’s biggest taboo subjects – we thought we’d give climate change its moment. Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry right?

All jokes aside – if you aren’t already typing ‘The Sustainabilitea’ into Spotify or Instagram to start listening, here’s a few things you can expect to learn from us through this podcast about living more sustainably.

Giving fast fashion the finger, the middle one of course

A topic I like to exhaust my friends and family with is the problem with fast fashion and overconsumption. So, if you give our podcast a listen, you’ll join us for a deep dive into my life as a charity-shop addic- sorry – enthusiast and how buying second-hand or not at all can help save the Earth. In 2020, LABFRESH reported that The United Kingdom produces 206.456 tonnes of textile waste in a year, making it Europe’s fourth largest textile waste producer. It’s figures like this, that make me so determined to help people understand how much of an impact clothing waste is having on the planet. So, we want to do our bit to put an end to overconsuming fast, cheap, unethically made clothes that are harming our precious planet.

Waste not want not

We also want to help our listeners learn how to reduce food waste, and so we’ll also share a few hints and tips about making the most out of what’s in your fridge or freezer, and making damn sure those pesky leftovers don’t get forgotten about. We are the people who will tell you to eat the out-of-date yoghurt that lies at the top back shelf of your fridge pining for attention. We are the people who will tell you to freeze every last crumb of bread in your possession and reuse it later when you’re out of stock. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Of course, we’re no experts. With Dylan’s background in marketing and my background in communications, we’re simply the messenger when it comes to the debate on climate change. So, we’re inviting guests every few weeks from different businesses and industries to have a chat about the big issues relating to sustainability and global warming. So far, we’ve interviewed Scotland’s Sustainable Stylist, Victoria Lee, who shared her fast-fashion free journey and how she’s helping people make the most of the clothes that they already have in their wardrobe. This year we’ve already got a lush list of Scottish guests lined up to join us for chat and spill the tea on how they’re living sustainably (or how they’re not).

Coming clean

As you might have already guessed by the name, The Sustainabilitea is a safe space for hosts and guests alike to confess their sustainability sins and spill the tea on things they’ve done that aren’t so good for the planet. We all learn from our mistakes and so we take the opportunity every episode to talk about some of the climate crimes we’ve committed and how to do better next time. Dylan’s Ibiza summer bender and Rebecca’s Autumn trip to Tenerife had a lot to answer for (fake designer goods were purchased and all is revealed in episode seven) but we’re not shying away from the fact that we’re not perfect when it comes to living sustainably.

Think your recycling habits aren’t perfect? We’re here to voice that guilt we all share. We know sometimes it’s easier to chuck that plastic cold meat packaging straight in the general waste bin. We don’t always have time to scoop out every last jam droplet from the jar and thoroughly clean it before sticking it in the glass recycling bin, we’ve all been there. So, what better way to build better sustainable habits than to lay our cards on the table, get it off our chests and start again. Chatting through the struggles of trying to live ‘greener’ will help us address what we need to do to build better habits and eventually – reduce our waste and carbon emissions.

The SustainabiliTEAFV Feast Your Ears This New Year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea Podcast
Feast your ears this new year: Listen to the Sustainabilitea podcast. Image: Rebecca Meechan

Ready to press play?

If you’re ready to go green this year, we’re ready for you to hit play and tune in to The Sustainabilitea. Or are you already sick of hearing about people’s new years resolutions and simply need a dose of comic relief? Either way, we await you new listeners with open arms. Whether you’ve hit the ground running with your green goals, or you’re simply surviving January, I know you’ll find something to love in our new podcast.

Making sustainable changes and trying to live life with the environment in mind can be challenging, but if we want to see a healthier planet in the future, we don’t have much choice but to do things differently now. The world might not end tomorrow (or it might, what do I know?) but it’s time for us all, to slow down, buy less and think more.

If you’re ready to embark on a sustainable journey, or you’re already on one, The Sustainabilitea podcast is here to hold your hand through it all. We’re your two new besties who will help you help the planet – but if you forgot to bring your reusable cup to Starbucks, we’ll forgive you.

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